Marijuana Vaporizer: What are they?

by Jack Neander January 23, 2017

By now, you’ve probably heard of someone you know who uses a marijuana vaporizer. And chances are, even if you don’t think you know one of these folks, they just haven’t clued you into the fact that they do partake a bit of weed from time to time in their own personal weed vaporizer.

So with all this talk about using a vaporizer to inhale pot vapors, some folks are wondering just what is a weed vaporizer. And, perhaps more importantly, should they be using one themselves… Well, we figured we’d break down the basics of vaporizers, so you can be in the know, and possibly decide if you want to start using one for yourself.

Marijuana Vaporizer vs. Drug Store Vaporizers

This may seem kind of basic, but there are a lot of people wondering if a marijuana vaporizer is anything like those vaporizers that your mom used to use when you were sick as a kid. Well, there are some underlying similarities, but no – you’re not going to vape (the process of using a vaporizer) with one of those drug store vaporizers. The kind of weed vaporizer that we’re talking about here is specially designed to be used with pot, tobacco, medicinal herbs and possibly essential oils.

For now, though, we’re focusing in on using these vaporizers strictly as a marijuana vaporizer. So get those childhood models out of your head, because that’s not what you’ll be using to enjoy your herb.

Marijuana Vaporizer 101: How They Work

Your average marijuana vaporizer can be a small, handheld unit, or a larger, more robust unit to use at home. But both work on essentially the same foundational concept. Instead of putting your weed into a bowl and burning it, you’ll be putting your herb into a bowl, and your vaporizer will be using a heating element to produce marijuana vapors. These vapors contain the active ingredient – THC – which is what most of us love about herb anyway.

You inhale vapors, just like you would smoke. But the good news is that when you use a marijuana vaporizer, you are not inhaling smoke. As you know, smoke, even the smoke from the best marijuana, contains carbons. Over time, inhaling too many of these carbons can result in a constant, hacking cough, and could possibly lead to other health problems. In comparison, inhaling pot vapors via a marijuana vaporizer is a heck of a lot safer. No smoke, means a relatively healthier use of herb.

Getting Used to Your Vaporizer

If you switch over to using a marijuana vaporizer, after having smoked pot for years, you’ll notice that it takes a bit of getting used to. You’ll have to adjust how you inhale, and get used to the type of vaporizer pipe that you’re going to be using. Some models heat up in about 5 minutes, while others may take 15 minutes or longer to reach optimal vaping temperatures. Check the specs on any marijuana vaporizer that you plan on purchasing to see what to expect in terms of heating times and the overall vaping experience.

In closing, using a marijuana vaporizer is a bit different than smoking marijuana. But it actually helps to make your supply last longer, and is a bit healthier than smoking. Take some time to look at some of the vaporizer reviews and articles on this site, to get the lowdown on the most popular, best selling models. That way you’ll be able to choose the perfect marijuana vaporizer at a price that you can afford.


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Jack Neander
Jack Neander


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