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by Jack Neander January 25, 2017

  • Indica Marijuana

There is a great or lurching choice of strains of marijuana available from their drugstore for the new medical marijuana patient. Dependent on the patient’s specific condition, most of the drugstores employs competent care professionals who can advise the patients properly on what strain of pot offers the best relief. We essentially offer the following.

Indica and sativa are two major strains of medical marijuana. There are lots of types of blow inside these two strains. Indica and sativa combined is the half-breed strains which are available too. It’s critical for the medical marijuana patient to know the variances between indica and sativa.

Among other symptoms, anxiety, discomfort, queasiness, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle seizures and tremors are alleviated by indica strains which are regarded as a relaxant according to the patients. The nature of the indica high is more physical to put it in simple terms. If you’re attempting to sleep, relax or reducing discomfort, this is perfect.

Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet are nations that produce hash whereby indicas come from. Flavours and scents from pungent skunk to sweet and fruity are the characteristics of the buds that are also thick and dense. Indica has higher CBD and lower THC counts than sativa which produce a heavier, sleepier sort of effect.

Grower’s Choice: OG Kush

OG kush is the 1st option recommended in case you would like to grow your own indica as a medical marijuana patient.

Now, there are numerous different plants that are called OG Kush. The true OG Kush coming from the Southern part of California is dominant with indica while some OG Kush plants these days are far more sativa than indica. Clones can be harvested inside Three months, which proves that growing a plant is very easy. The yield is quite good. As one connoisseur put it, “True OG Kush is among the ‘ultimate’ kush strains found in sunny Southern California. Very few other strains seem to compare to True OG’s unique scent, taste, and psychological & physical effects. ”

“Snow ” of crystals covering the buds and opposite leaves, the ripening OG Kush is known for. The buds break apart simple and are extraordinarily sticky and sharp.

For Your Additional Research

Some other notable “brand names ” for indica strains are : Blue Moonshine, Blueberry Kush, Bubble Funk, Hawaiian Indica, Mango, Maple Leaf Indica, Master Kush, Rooty Tooty, Sensi Star and Snow White.

  • If Indicas seem to offer you the most relief, we suggest that you sample as many “brand names ” as you can. Without going broke, One gram is sold by drugstores which go from $10 to $25 so, it is critical to find out which marijuana works best for you. When you compromise on a favorite or two (it’s sensible to alternate marijuana “brands ” so that your body doesn’t gain any tolerance to either one) decide if you want to keep on purchasing from the drugstore, or want to move up to growing your own. Try and see if the chemist has a clone of the marijuana strain that’s best for your medical wishes if you decide to grow your own marijuana.

Sativa Marijuana

What kind of marijuana to get is the first thing a medical marijuana patient wants to grasp. A visit to a medical marijuana drugstore will confront the patient with a huge selection to choose from. Everything can be stumbling since names alter as well as prices.

To keep things straightforward just remember there are two kinds of marijuana : Indica and Sativa. There are plenty of specialised exotic strains and blends inside these 2 types. Just like tobacco having different strains and mixes like Winston, Marlboro, Camel and many others also with different sorts like regular, menthol and light.

For easing of pain, queasiness, depression, and stimulating the appetite of the patient, the sativa strains are far more effective since it is more of a stimulant. Now, we are conscious of particular brand names effective to a selected condition or symptom. In other words, the sativa high is principally psychological in nature. Your medical marijuana dispensary can offer you more definite recommendation.

Sativa is wide varying in origination; native to Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Flavours range from earthy to sweet and fruity. Compared to indica, sativa plants has longer flowering cycle therefore, it takes longer to mature. They generally tend to be taller and less full as well. Knowing that sativa takes more time to grow, there’s more indica in stock than sativa in most pharmacies. For that reason, the patient could do well to think about growing their own.

Grower’s Choice: Sour Diesel

We selected Sour Diesel to suggest partially for its medical effect and in part for its relative easy in growing compared with other Sativas. During flowering and across the process of drying and curing, Sour Diesel is known for its high pungency. The buds have a powerful smell too. The leaves are extraordinarily sticky round the buds.

Swiss Miss, Big Greasy, Blue Heaven, Durban Poison, Hawaiian Sativa, Lamb’s Bread, Train Wreck and White Widow are almost all of many brand names of sativa.

Illustrating the difference between strains and the way to use marijuana, these are some testimonials of patients found online :

I’m legal here in MI, and I medicate (vaporize) using the heavy Indica strains. The hideous muscle cramps I get are liquified away as I’m taking my primary medication which is the old school UBC Chemo, an Eighty/Twenty Indica/Sativa.

A good chum used up years fighting depression and went through the whole armoury of big pharm’s offerings without success. Similarly, the tablets deteriorated his health. To make can abutter, he uses sativa. He cooks it in his food each day and is currently taking no prescription anti-depressants at all. I know many individuals who tell of virtually extraordinary benefits from cannabis. In autism, weed treatment has excellent results so far as what I have read.

Seems like for discomfort, both indica and sativa assuages it but indica has a sedative property and I use sativas when I had no desire to feel beat. Indicas help me sleep at night while sativas are better for daytime, found out myself in my very own personal use. My agony was reduced with both kinds. My swelling was also alleviated.

Marijuana Clones

For a home grower, clones are terribly advantageous. They may speed up your growing cycles. They’ll predetermine sex of the plant, they will preserve the precise strain and they’ll save you money. Let’s take a look at each of these advantages individually.

Speeding Up Growing Cycles

Marijuana routinely takes 4 or 5 months to age and occasionally far more. You’ll find yourself limited with two crops each year by adding another few more weeks just for harvesting, drying and curing. The growing cycles can be reduced to 3 months or less leading to Four crops a year or even Six if 2 grow areas are used alternately with the employment of hydroponics and strains are improved thru horticultural. Not only does this produce more medical marijuana (and good rule is between two and four oz per plant), but your expenses for electricity and nutrients are less per crop.

Predetermining the Sex of the Marijuana Plant

Starting with clones is a guaranteed way to have female plants. In nature, starting from seeds, you’ll get a 50/50 mixture of male and female plants. Claiming to produce 70% female plants, feminized seeds are available to some medical marijuana strains. Remember, not merely will male marijuana plants have considerably less medical effect for the patient, but if left in place will weaken the medical potential of the female plants through pollination (as the female plant turns its energy into making seeds instead of flowers (buds)). We recommend beginning with clones. It’s A hundred percent guarantees to have females.

Preserving the Exact Strain

Clones, which are essentially a little cutting of a marijuana plant that is placed in a block of rock wool, are as the name clone implies, an exact replica of the first plant. You may grow the same sort of plant over and over again when you find the strain of the kind of marijuana you like. The real advantage here is that there are many times when your chemist is out of stock of your favorite medical marijuana strain. Why not guarantee yourself a constant supply of the marijuana of your preference rather than depending on the pharmacy’s flowering cycle?

Saving Cash by Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana

Complete Hydroponic Starter Kits, including grow tent start around $400 from Stealth Hydroponics. (This hydroponic growing system is user friendly, set up, works really well plus it has everything in one kit that is the reason why we recommend this.) While these kits sometimes have “space ” for six plants in their reservoir setup, our recommendation is to grow three plants. Every year, you can earn upto $4000 worth of medication using the pharmacy prices even at the rate of 3 crops each year, yielding 2 oz each plant keeping in mind that this is a low growing rate. For electricity and nutrients costs annually, it goes up to $600 to $750, thus you continue to have the rest of the cash from the $4000 worth of drugs.

“Should I grow clones instead of starting from seed? ” is the query that many newbs in growing ask. It’s a tough question, and one that deserves serious consideration.

You will be harvesting more buds earlier than you think when growing from clones. Many folks who start a garden these days know someone who will give them a few clones for the simple pleasure of sharing a nice thing. A few individuals sell clones, often growing a totally vegetative garden without ever flowering. These clonemeisters keep a selection of select mothers from high-quality strains, and grow them on a continuing eighteen hour light cycle. Whether rooted or simply fresh cut, they can make excellent cash by selling trays of cuttings. However, compared to fresh cuttings, rooted clones are the more expensive ones.

Cutting Vs Seeds

Many of us decide to get a tray of cuttings when starting out, so they get a quicker return on their investment. This way is very practical but then, if you actually want to discover more about the plant, then growing from seed teaches you a lot of stuff. You may be in a position to select a wide variety of the exact plant that suits you when you grow from seed especially when you have masses of it.

Just before putting the plants into flower if you start from seed, be certain to take Two clones from the base of each plant, this is what I mostly tell folks. Be sure the clones should be labeled the date it was cut besides having the same number from the plant it was taken from. The clones should be kept alive!

Using an eighteen hour light cycle, grow the clones from the plant that you’ve chosen on your metal halide. You will then have all cuttings from your fave plants as your crop. Compared against the last one, your harvest will be much more uniform therefore, the quality and quantity of your yield is improved.

Eventually, you will have to be cutting and rooting your own clones if you grow. Now, I am going to share straightforward procedures that I use to take clones. When you get the feeling of it, you’ll find it very easy to do.

The Best Way to Take The Cutting

To get started you’ll need : a clean razor blade, a water mister, a tray with a clear plastic lid, a planting medium, and maybe a jar of rooting hormone. Many growers dip their freshly cut stem into a rooting powder or gel nonetheless, clones can be rooted efficiently by simply using water and nothing else.

So that there’ll be no air bubbles forming in the recently cut stem, most growers cut the branch underwater. If air enters the stem it will prevent the stem from carrying water and the cutting will die. Dipping the cut end of the stem immediately into a rooting gel also solves the air bubble problem. If using a powder the cuttings must be wet so that the powder will adhere.

Also, to ease the entry of the cut stem, poke it and create a hole in the planting medium using a toothpick or a nail. However, it’s better to not bend or crush the stem even a tiny bit. The hole size should be the same as the stem to be inserted, this is vital.

It is also important that you choose the tiny, soft part at the base of the plant that wouldn’t amount much after having all of the tools required prepared and have drenched your medium. Any shoot with Two or Three nodes, you have got to take cuttings from it when planning to keep the plant in vegetative growth to be in a position to continue taking cuttings from it. As to how long folks take their cuttings, it all differs since others take cuttings so long as 8 inches while I take cuttings at 2 to Four inches.

If the stem is not woody and is still soft and green, it’ll root quickly. Below the would-be cutting, using your clean razor, make an even diagonal slice through the branch. Strip the bottom leaves off of the cutting, dip it in rooting gel and plant it.

If you make your cut right above a node on the branch then 2 new branches will sprout out as if it had been pinched. If you continue in this fashion then your mum will produce an exponential number of cuttings every fortnight. You will soon be proudly giving clones away to your buddies (or perhaps Sell them).

How To Root Your Cuttings

By now, you’re done cutting, dipping, sticking in a medium and misted your first clones in and furthermore placed the plastic lid on the tray. Now put the tray under fluorescent lights, about 6 inches away to begin with, moving them a little closer every few days.

I’ve rooted clones on the floor in my bedroom, and in several a veg room in the shade of a leafy mummy. A good temperature range and a fair background light are provided by both. According to my experience, as long as it’s close to 24 degree Celsius temperature, it’ll do. The clones must be warm but not scorched. Without roots, the stem can’t simply supply the leaves with water wanted to match the leaves’ transpiration, therefore, direct light will burn them.

Transpiration is part of the way in which the plant grows. For photosynthesis, water and nutrients are exploited and it is needed to travel from the roots to the leaves. Little hairs called stomata sweat out the moisture to allow the stream of nutrients to keep on flowing. The lid is very important as the wind blow the moisture off the stomata since this aids in transpiration.

An alternative way to offer protection to the stomata is to spray a light wax onto the cuttings. The waxing coating protects it from pests, this also slows the process of transpiration; so slow that you will not be requiring a lid. I suggest you just try employing a lid at first.

For a couple of seconds a day, you’ve got to take away the lid and fan the cuttings with it. What I do to allow tiny ventilation is to put little holes at the corners of the lid; also for drainage, I put hole into the corners of the tray just incase the plants are watered intolerably. For the roots to survive, they need oxygen.

Supplements and Supplies

Having a neutral pH balance as well as ethereal and dries very quickly, Oasis Foam is my favorite medium. My favorite rooting gel is Olivia’s which I have attempted so many times and it works superbly. I find that just soaking the tray before planting is mostly satisfactory to sustain the cuttings until they’re rooted.

There are loads of types of nutritive additives you can add when soaking however, it isn’t necessary according to my experience. You could try Spray & Flourish, Nutriboost, Powerthrive, Superthrive, Olivia’s cloning solution, a mild seaweed solution, or plenty of other products Plain water works really well too.

After Cutting Care

When the tray feels light-weight supply water for it. If the plants seem dried out, mist them. Check the bottom for roots after a few days. Other strains takes Ten days to Two weeks to root while some root this fast. It is time to transplant the clone into any medium you would like them to grow in when you see roots exiting the sides as well as the bottom of the medium.

Usually, your medium will be a pot with a well drained soil mixture, or one of any number of soilless cultures. When talking about production speed and overall yield, the soilless culture is miles better than soil however, in soil, it is way easier to grow medical marijuana.

If one single detail such as an irrigation timer that’s flawed could cause devastation if not corrected right away, but then setting up and operating a hydroponic system is not troublesome in any way.

A soil solution that’s properly prepared won’t need any extra fertilizers for the entire plant life while hydroponic solutions should be monitored particularly well and kept balanced. The plant will definitely be happy when you water the plant each time the soil dries up.

Soil-grown pot is regarded by many to have a more palatable taste than hydroponically grown herb, but there are always exceptions to such rules. Widely available sorts of stock solutions containing fertilizer salts are used by most growers but then some play around with organic hydroponics too in order to get the finest of both worlds. These salts are simple to administer in tried-and-true formulas, but the issue is that these stock solutions have a tendency to leave a metallic taste in the dear produce. The plants must be leach just before harvest to remove salt residue from the buds, however, not all growers bother to leach sufficiently and only experienced growers to achieve that pure and clean taste.

The building up of excessive salt fertilizer in the bud can be stopped by a milder feed solution. From Two days to 2 weeks, leaching time differs greatly from one grower to another. Some use plain or distilled water, others simply use a terribly diluted feed solution.

Clones are Wonderful

Sooner or later, you are certain to use clones whatever grow system you use. They can greatly improve the potency of your growing area, and are a superb way to preserve your fave plants.

A phenomenal plant can be rejuvenated and cloned even after it has flowered and been cropped. You only have to get any vegetative matter growing on the base of the plant even a bit and the small nuggets will then grow into vegetative shoots after placed under an eighteen hour light cycle; this way, the shoots can grow into a full ma and then clone it. A lot of uniform harvests of medical marijuana can be provided by doing this.


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